New releases to be expected (from around February/March 2020 on)

In preparation currently:

ELFSGEDROCH : new album LP

As more and more requests arrived lately, we also should / could have new merch available then. So, watch out.


Well, no idea if it is too early to make a statement about, so take it as "appearing n the horizon" (so maybe a Fata Morgana in the end): Chances are there could be some new SA MEUTE output soon! In each case: Welcome back guys, can't wait for new imperial strikes (in case)!




UPDATE by December 2019: New release in the works!!!

Diaphora 016:
Elfsgedroch : new album 2-LP

Be prepared! Out in the end of February 2020 (given the current production schedules), expect nothing less than ELFSGEDROCH's magnum opus so far. Receiving the audio files just two days ago, there is nothing else on this heavy rotation here besides. This will be mandatory for every old and new fan of the Dutch horde.

As you know from the band, the surrounding artist, and of course, us too - we are going to deliver something special and extraordinary once again! Watch out!!



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