Next batch of Ancient Records LPs (Azelisassath, Gnipahalan, Trolldom)

LPs shipping to Sweden at the moment, all pre-orders will be shipped immediately after the stuff arrived on our side afterwards (should be around two weeks from now). No more orders possible except for just 2 or 3 copies of the Azelisa ITCoAL LP.

  • Nord 005 - Azelisassath - In Total Contempt of All Life 12"LP
  • SOLD OUT: Nord006 - Azelisassath - Total Desecration of Existence 12"LP
  • SOLD OUT: Nord007 - Gnipahålan - Gnipahålan 12"LP
  • SOLD OUT: Nord008 - Trolldom - Av Gudablod Röd... 12"LP
  • Latest update of distro list includes

    CLANDESTINE BLAZE : City of Slaughter LP
    PHLEGEIN : From the Land of Death LP
    MYLINGAR - Döda Vägar MLP
    MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY – Firmament DLP (restock)
    EVILFEAST - Funeral Sorcery DLP
    SAQRA'S CULT - Forgotten Rites LP
    JASSA - Lights in the Howling Wilderness LP
    Harakiri for the Sky : Aokigahara 2-LP, 2nd high quality press on coloured vinyl (gold)
    Harakiri for the Sky : same LP, 2nd high quality press on coloured vinyl (grey splatter)
    SAD – A Curse in Disguise LP
    EVIL – Rites of Cleansing 7” EP
    COUNTESS – The Return of the Horned One LP
    GOATPENIS - Apocalypse War 12" MLP
    MORNINGSTAR - Heretic Metal LP
    POX - Door den Holder Verrezen 7" EP
    INTOLITARIAN – Suicidal Allegiance 7”EP
    Wederganger / Kjeld Split-LP, Wederganger / Laster Split-LP, Kosmokrator - First Step To Supremacy LP, Almyrkvi - Pupil Of The Searing Maelstrom LP, Grotesque - In The Embrace Of Evil LP, Tarnkappe - Winterwaker LP, Grotesque - In The Embrace Of Evil picture-LP, Sol Sistere - Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum LP, Tarnkappe - Tussen Hun En De Zon LP, CRYPTOPSY - Blasphemy Made Flesh LP, CRYPTOPSY- None So Vile LP, CRYPTOPSY - The Book of Suffering MLP, PHLEBOTOMIZED - Immense Intense Suspense g-2-LP, PHLEBOTOMIZED - Skycontact g-2-LP


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