Out now: New Elfsgedroch - EP and MLP

We are proud to have these new Elfsgedroch releases ready for sale (full list here). First feedbacks are quite overwhelming, check a first review here.

Diaphora 014:
Elfsgedroch: Dwalend bij Nacht en Ontij MLP (16,00€ each colour)

  • playing time of around 45 minutes
  • gatefold cover
  • A3 poster
  • heavy vinyl in semi-transparent blue or solid white
  • black antistatic inner sleeves
  • heavy duty PVC outer sleeves
  • limitation: yes
  • sample
  • full stream: https://youtu.be/ejsS7wK7iGk

Diaphora 013
Elfsgedroch :  Burchten van't Hooghe Noorden EP (7,50€)

  • full-coloured simple pocket sleeve on 280gsm stock with scratch-resistant matte lamination
  • Aside/Bside vinyl
  • colour scheme: grimace purple/bone
  • inner sleeve: black paper bag
  • all assembly in a PVC overbag (vinyl aside of the jacket)
  • limitation: 300 copies
  • sample

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