OUT NOW: ELFSGEDROCH : Op de beenderen van onze voorvaderen LP (Diaphora 012)

Digital release available via: https://elfsgedroch.bandcamp.com/

LP #1 heavy black vinyl, 16,66€
LP #2 heavy crystal clear / grey haze vinyl, 16,66€
LP #3 heavy grey / black haze vinyl, 16,66€

All LPs come in gatefold cover which contains an additional 12-paged vinyl sized booklet printed on natural paper. Limited to 166 each.

Drawings for the LP, tape, and the merchandise stuff by Wokkel exclusively (www.wokkel.nl and https://www.facebook.com/wokkelarts/?pnref=lhc).

Ordering process always by writing an e-mail


T-Shirt: Gildan, colour: charcoal, printed on front, sizes S - XXL, limited to 50 copies, 14,90€
Hooded Sweatshirt: Gildan, colour: charcoal, limited to 25, sizes S-XXL, front and back printed, 32,90€
Hooded Sweatshirt with zipper: Gildan, colour: tweed (fits perfectly to charcoal), limited to 25, sizes S-XL (XXL SOLD OUT!), front and back printed, 39,90€

First review for the Dutch guys: HERE
First review for the German guys: HERE

More info via http://www.stronghold-diaphora.de/neuzugaenge/post/new-release-early-march-elfsgedroch-op-de-beenderen-van-onze-voorvaderen-lp-and-merch OR https://www.facebook.com/Elfsgedroch/

stronghold.diaphora [at] googlemail.com
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