Pre-Order now: Elfsgedroch : Gedoemd Tot De Eeuwige Jacht 2-LP

Update 12.04.2020: We are sold out now for the Die Hard version as well as the "regular" red vinyl. Thanks for your support, and enjoy this beast of a release!!

Update 06.04.2020: 3 copies only of each with the colored vinyl left. So, hurry up - also if there is some payment due or such. For all the guys that ordered their copies already, supporting us directly: Thank you, you rule!! See you next time!

Update 26.03.2020: For all those waiting for their payment details - we are working with full force currently in order to have everything available by tomorrow. Check this out:

So, it won't take too long now anymore.

Video premiere by tomorrow: HERE


Finally and from today (20.03.2020) on, we present you pre-ordering options for the new Elfsgedroch album.

First of all, and as pictures can tell you more than a thousand words, here first impressions of our main project of the last weeks and months: A very special version we made!

(for full-sized pictures just click on the previews shown below)

The overall package in its final form: A sleeve out of natural fibre (medieval body bag quality), blood-drenched, rough material has been chosen from heaviest duty available for this purpose, 100% handmade and pre-processed in order to meet the individual requirements of each single sleeve!


Genuine leather badge. Engraved. Hand-numbered limitation.


Heavy duty natural fibre sealing cords, wax sealed.


Woven Elfsgedroch sigil patch, around 9cm width and height.


Main booklet in A5 format, 20 pages. Lyrics combined with corresponding drawings.


Poster of one main motiv from the album, super heavy carton, linen structure. 


Additional leaflets for the red-vinyl-exclusive bonus tracks - artwork on one, lyrics on the other side.


Overall package, with the 4-sided, semi-transparent red vinyls in front.


We think that the outcome is quite stunning, and we are proud of what we were able to achieve after countless hours during days, weeks and months of hard work. From the first ideas, to week-long searches for the perfect combination of everything, to a dozens of concepts made and overruled - simply to everything it needs to have the perfect result in the end! 

After all, we really hope that you appreciate it as well - when holding everything in your hands eventually. Even more important, that you have fun with the new album. Whether in its purest form on black vinyl, or the Die(d) Hard-version showcased here - the album is meant to seriously kick some asses. Make it happen!

- black vinyl (with booklet, lim.187): 25,90€
- [!! sold out!!] red vinyl (lim.39, with booklet, leaflets, poster in regular quality): 0,00€
- [!! sold out!!] special edition (lim.50, special wrapping, patch, badge, poster on linen carton, leaflets, booklet): 0,00€

All components Made in Germany. The posters that come with the special version will be shipped in rolled form and in an oversized box we separately ordered especially for this purpose!

Attention: In these times of uncertainty, turmoil, quarantines and curfew, it may take some time for the stuff to arrive on your side. So, please be patient. Whereas the 27th of March is confirmed as shipping date for the first packages, it doesn't mean you have it there on your side just one or two days after, right?!

Your order goes to: stronghold.diaphora [at]

Distro list (still in need for a bigger update, so don't take prices and General availablility for granted) here, ordering process always by reading basic requirements in that list first, and writing an e-mail second. Thank you!

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