Drudkh and Shining arrived, most recent distro list

FOR THOSE THAT CANNOT READ ABOUT THE LAST UPDATE: THIS LIST IS HERE JUST FOR ARCHIVAL PURPOSES - IT IS NOT VALID ANYMORE. REALLY. Most recent distro list (last update March 2016), often enough only single copies left, so... stronghold.diaphora [at] googlemail.com LPs 8 Acts of Origin Split LP (2009), with Akitsa, Pagan Hellfire, Woods of Infinity, Nasheim etc, 11,90€ ABIGOR : Fractal Possession DoLP/2-LP (2007), EAL, 18,00€ ACHERONTAS : Tat Tvam Asi 2-LP (2013), WTC- [...]

Bekëth Nexëhmü De Forna Sederna LP, Grudom Troldviser I Granskygge LP, Múspellzheimr Hyldest til Trolddommens Flamme LP

Finally, some new stuff has been announced by the mighty Ancient Records these days. Check out what is coming (due by end of next month): Bekëth Nexëhmü - De Forna Sederna 12"LP Grudom - Troldviser I Granskygge 12"LP Múspellzheimr - Hyldest til Trolddommens Flamme 12"LP (LINK TO SOUNDCLOUD) Furthermore, we highly recommend again the very good CD release of Gorrch (which we usually don't do, you know). But check this out for yourself: LIN [...]

Time for an update... Drudkh A Furrow Cut Short LP to arrive!

After a quite long hiatus here, let's have a look into the future once again. We expect at least some new vinyl stuff to arrive. Amongst it: the new Drudkh album "A Furrow Cut Short", where we will get the standard black vinyl as well as the red coloured one in. This should be a must on your wantlist. The product info is double vinyl in gatefold cover so far. Season of Mist is responsible for it once again. And yes, although from a "not so underground"-label, we also pr [...]

Lots of news and additions to our distro list: Sargeist, Erebus Enthroned, Osculum Infame, BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ, Grudom, Hädanfärd

The most recent arrivals here (ask for distro list stronghold.diaphora [at] googlemail.com):  SARGEIST : Feeding the Crawling Shadows LP EREBUS ENTHRONED : The Temple Under Hell LP TORTORUM : Extinctionist LP TORTORUM : Katabasis 2-LP NIGHTBRINGER / DØDSENGEL : Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno LP DARVULIA : L'Alliance des Venins LP OSCULUM INFAME : Consuming the Metatron LP CULT OF OCCULT s/t Pro-Tape FORNICATION Sectanik Neocide Pro-Tape MHÖNOS : Aequus N [...]

Ancient Records releases to be expected: Bekëth Nexëhmü LP, Grudom LP, Hädanfärd LP

As many recognized and despite not sending out "news and updates" on a regular basis, we were still active in the underground. New releases made and tons of vinyls added during the last year, and many of them are already gone again. Amongst them the latest batch of Ancient Records releases, and also the new stuff sounds promising. So, before waiting too long and paying collector prices in a few weeks or so, take the chance and order your copies now. Pre-order conditions for regular c [...]

Funeral Mist, The Ruins of Beverast, Saligia, Helrunar / Arstidir Lifsins, Disma, Interment

Latest arrivals of top notch quality vinyl from Ván and Doomentia: ARSTIDIR LIFSINS / HELRUNAR : Fragments. A Mythological Excavation 12" LP (black or grey vinyl) SALIGIA : Lux Aeternae MLP (red vinyl) ARSTIDIR LIFSINS : Vapna laekjar eldr 2-LP THE RUINS OF BEVERAST : Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite re-press gatefold 2-LP THE RUINS OF BEVERAST : Blood Vaults 2-LP blue vinyl DISMA : Towards the Megalith LP, finally black vinyl available for all the sound maniacs among [...]

FUNERAL MIST - Trisagion Vinyl Box Pre-Order (Devilry, Salvation, Maranatha)

Fantastic news for all those who missed the past editions of the first three killer releases of Funeral Mist. Via NOEVDIA will come a 5-LP-vinyl box, containing Devilry, Salvation, and Maranatha! They come in three gatefold covers, and additionally there will be a booklet (28 pages), an A1 poster, and a woven patch. This is a f***in' MUST and you have to hurry up. Price will be 60€ for all pre-orders. Pre-Order and full mailorder list via stronghold.diaphora [at] googlemail.com [...]

Rotting Christ, Merciless, Limbonic Art, Nekrokrist, Bloodhammer etc.

Request the full mailorder list via stronghold.diaphora [at] googlemail.com Again many LPs arrived already or are in the way to us: ROTTING CHRIST : Khronos 2LP ROTTING CHRIST : Sleep of the Angels LP ROTTING CHRIST : Sanctus Diavolos LP MERCILESS : The Treasures Within LP LIMBONIC ART : Moon in the Scorpio 2LP VARATHRON / BLACK ALTAR / THORNSPAWN - 3 way split LP on the way:  NEKROKRIST, TAGHUT, ARMANENSCHAFT, BLOODHAMMER, and IC REX LPs