Update of latest stock entries: Outre, Sühnopfer, Midnight Odyssey, Kroda etc

EERIE : Into Everlasting Death CD
THE DEAD GOATS : Don’t go in the Tomb MCD
GENIUS ULTOR : Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce CD
OREMUS : Popioły (gatefold LP with 8 pages booklet)
GLOSON : Yearwalker LP (black or coloured vinyl)
OUTRE : Ghost Chants CD (very strong debut album - must have)
SÜHNOPFER : Offertoire CD and LP
ULVEGR : The call of glacial emptiness LP
ULVEGR : Arctogaia LP
MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY : The Forest Mourners LP (black or purple vinyl available)
KRODA : Ginnungagap Digi and Schwarzpfad DLP
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION / MYRD / VSPOLOKH : Longing for Death Split CD and Split LP
EVIL : Ashes LP

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