ELFSGEDROCH : New band in our roster, debut album out soon!

Diaphora Produktion is extremely proud to announce a multi-album deal with ELFSGEDROCH. WELCOME in our roster!

"What a young entity from The Netherlands here" you might think, but don't let yourself be fooled - this is THE SHIT! Check out some of their stuff here and let us know what you think about:

The debut album is going to be released on vinyl soon through DIAPHORA exclusively - all the necessary is being prepared at the time being. Expect something extraordinary!

First analogue format has been released by the band itself. Just have a look at this fantastic, top-notch edition edition and get in contact in case you wanna save one of the last copies (limited to 50 copies this sold out in a tick at the band and will do so here as well).

UPDATE, 15.03.2016: 50% of our copies are sold or reserved already!

Besides, several new releases (vinyl as well as CDs) have seen their arrival at our destination lately. Check our most recent list here!

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