Pre-Order now: Elfsgedroch : Gedoemd Tot De Eeuwige Jacht 2-LP

Update 26.03.2020: For all those waiting for their payment details - we are working with full force currently in order to have everything available by tomorrow. Check this out: So, it won't take too long now anymore. Video premiere by tomorrow: HERE *************************************************************************************************************************** Finally and from today (20.03.2020) on, we present you pre-ordering options for the new Elfsgedroch album. [...]

Limited run of Sa Meute shirts

Will be available during the next days. Limited run of only 60 in total, a part of them available from us.

New releases to be expected (from around February/March 2020 on)

In preparation currently: ELFSGEDROCH / SHORES OF LADON : Split-LP ELFSGEDROCH : new album LP As more and more requests arrived lately, we also should / could have new merch available then. So, watch out. _______________ Well, no idea if it is too early to make a statement about, so take it as "appearing n the horizon" (so maybe a Fata Morgana in the end): Chances are there could be some new SA MEUTE output soon! In each case: Welcome back guys, can't wait [...]

Diaphora 015: AETHER : Ego Vitium Sum 2-LP

Diaphora Produktion is proud to present the release of debut album by German BM band Aether. A great piece of Atmospheric Black Metal. Six howls from the inner darkness - 54 minutes on three-sided double vinyl. Order directly at the band's bandcamp page (, their partner shop at Eternity Records ( - well, or just at this place. Latest distro list here, ordering process always by w [...]

Out now: New Elfsgedroch - EP and MLP

We are proud to have these new Elfsgedroch releases ready for sale (full list here). First feedbacks are quite overwhelming, check a first review here. Diaphora 014: Elfsgedroch: Dwalend bij Nacht en Ontij MLP (16,00€ each colour) playing time of around 45 minutes gatefold cover A3 poster heavy vinyl in semi-transparent blue or solid white black antistatic inner sleeves heavy duty PVC outer sleeves limitation: yes sample full stream: https://y [...]

Elfsgedroch new releases - pre-ordering starts

After quite some waiting time especially for the new Elfsgedroch EP (being in press for half a year now), all is on the way to us, finally. For the physical formats we will acceppt pre-orders from now on. Diaphora 013 - Elfsgedroch : Burchten Van't Hooghe Noorden 7"-EP full-coloured simple pocket sleeve on 280gsm stock with scratch-resistant matte lamination Aside/Bside vinyl colour scheme: grimace purple/bone inner sleeve: black paper bag all assembly in a PVC [...]

ELFSGEDROCH : Dwalend bij Nacht en Ontij - new (mini) album

Expected for a release together with the EP (in press since late last year) Diaphora Produktion is extremely pleased to announce another output by Elfsgedroch. Clocking in at around 45 minutes of playing time, Dwalend bij Nacht en Ontij doesn't deserve to be classified as a mini album, technically - and considering the progress represented in this release we will do something special again. Watch out for this great (if not essential) release to come, again with some great artwork by Wokkel [...]

New release to be expected in 2018

Update: It's going to be around April 2018 referring to the latest info from pressing plant. So, need to be patient. Check out the updated distro list in the meantime...